Things to keep in mind before buying a used car


Things to keep in mind before buying a used car

Buying a new car is not that difficult, you just have to look for the specs and a couple of more things but buying a used car needs a lot of homework. You have to be very careful about certain things. Today at Factory Wheel Warehouse, we will be sharing things that you should keep in mind while buying a new car.

Do your homework

Like with numerous things on the web today, you should be careful about misrepresentation. This applies on account of purchasing a used car too. Try not to focus on buying exclusively based on pictures gave by the seller. Additionally, when you're meeting the forthcoming vendor or purchaser, do as such in a public spot, for example, a shopping center, a park, inside a gated society, and so on

If the vendor doesn't wish to talk or meet face to face and just imparts through content or email, look at this as a red flag. Another indication of conceivable danger is if the vendor specifies that they don't have the vehicle with them.

Check vehicle history

Get as much data as possible from the current owner and then do your research. Running the VIN (vehicle distinguishing proof number) through an authentic system. This will let you know whether the vehicle has been in a mishap if there are any liens on it, and if there are any recalls on the model.


Check for paint damage or rust

Go for a stroll around the vehicle and look out for any corroded spots or paint chips. Little, localized rust patches aren't a major issue since they can be fixed reasonably without any problem. If there are places where the metal is completely rusted through, you should rethink the buy.

Check the frame condition

While you're strolling around the vehicle, you ought to likewise search for issues with the casing. Is the vehicle sitting level on the ground? Is there anything swinging from undercarriage? Give close consideration to the guards and look inside the trunk compartment and hood for new bolts or twisting that could show an ongoing mishap.

Check the engine

The engine is the most significant aspect of any vehicle. With the vehicle turned off, pop the hood and thoroughly examine the engine for liquid leaks, corrosion, and broke hoses and belts. Check the oil and transmission dipsticks for staining. the oil ought to be light brown colored, transmission fluid must be pink or red.

Rims and Tires Conditions

The tire tread ought to be worn equitably and each of the four should match. Uneven tread or additional wear on a couple of the tires regularly implies poor alignment, which can be an indication of steering, suspension, or frame issues. An ineffectively adjusted vehicle will pull to the left or right when driving. (We can help you find your car wheels and car rims in the most professional way.)

Check the Mileage

The average vehicle will rack up around 20,000 km every year. To sort out if the vehicle you're taking a gander at has high or low mileage, divide the number on the odometer by the vehicle's age. A vehicle with high mileage has more mileage on its mechanical parts.

Inspect the electronics

Impacting the radio when your main tune goes ahead is one of the little delights of vehicle ownership. Press a few buttons and ensure the sound system and the other electronic components in the cockpit are working appropriately. Turn broadcasting in real-time air conditioning and heat too.

Watch out for wear and tear in seats

Seats and inside texture can take the beat most of the time in a vehicle. Watch out for tears, stains, and leather cracks on all the front and back seats, because changing the seat covers and other interior parts are costly to replace.

Test Drive

The test drive is likely the most significant part of looking for a used car. Plan your route and put the vehicle through the movements to test its mobility, braking, acceleration, and suspension. Take it on the highway, if possible, and attempt parallel parking to figure out any vulnerable sides the vehicle may have.

Inspect your car from a professional

If you think you've discovered the used car, you had always wanted you should take it to a professional mechanic for an inspection. A mechanic can find whether the vehicle has any hidden issues or parts that may turn into an issue later on. A professional mechanic can cost you money but it is a lot less if you buy a faulty car


Buying used cars can be economical but you have to be careful while buying a used car. Sometimes negligence can cost you a lot more than you saved. The seller may inform you about certain parts that need to be replaced i.e. the car might need rim repair or wheel repair, in that case, you should negotiate the price more. You might have to look to buy wheels and rims (may be used wheels or used rims). At factory wheel warehouse you can provide you the best used wheels, re-manufactured wheels, or new wheels. If you are looking for rim repair or wheel repair, avail our rim repair service to get the best wheel repair service.


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