Robert Wright

"Very pleased that the rim for my old car was available for a great price and arrived so soon and in perfect condition. One of the steel rims on my car had been damaged and had to be replaced. The rim fit just right. Thanks for providing a great product for a wonderful price."

John Martin

"Love the new wheels!!!! Great customer service and very knowledgeable and friendly."

James Smith

"I love the wheels, got these for my 2010 Ford Fusion. My car is black so I wanted the wheels to match with black accents. I got the tire and wheel package so all I had to do was swap them out."

Ella Gracia

"This very reasonably priced after-market part, after over a year of use, seems the equal of original equipment. Delivery was impressively fast; However, I Iive only about 150 miles from the shipping point, so others' experience might not be similar. Overall very satisfied."

Richard Scott

"The wheels were very nice. They fit right, they are not tacky, and they blend in perfectly with my ride. I've gotten quite a lot of compliments on them."